Client Access Trouble Shooting Tips Back to Logon
Q: I have a firewall, can this cause a problem?
A: Firewalls can prohibit or limit access to certain websites.
Sometimes a firewall is installed locally on your computer or is part your company’s network, if you are at work.
Q: I am still having problems. What else can I try?
A: Make sure that you are using Internet Explorer 9 or greater and set your Internet security to the default level (show me how).
 Try deleting your Temporary Internet Files (show me how).
 Also make sure that you have enabled cookies (show me how).
 Try deleting your Cookies (show me how).
Q: I am getting a message "User ID or Password is invalid." when logging on?
A: Make sure that you have properly typed in your User ID and Password.
Your User ID is always a number and never changes.
Your Password can be made up of numbers or letters.
Once you have successfully logged on, you can change your Password.
Q: I have forgotten my User ID and or Password?
A: Try our "Reset Password" / "Don't Know My User ID" Page or
Please contact our Help Desk and you will be provided with this information.
Q: I am getting a message "Account has been locked out." when logging on?
A: For security reasons, your account is automatically locked after a specific number unsuccessful logon attempts.
Please contact our Help Desk to have your account unlocked.
Q: I am having trouble viewing my PDF statement with the Adobe Reader?
A: Click here to install the latest version of the Adobe Reader.